Details & Finer Points


The Discard
You may only discard when it is your turn, you have drawn from the stock or the entire discard pile, and have not yet discarded.
If all 4 cards of a set are on the table, you can play a wild card onto the set (even though that would technically be the 5th card of a group).
Multiple Players Claiming a Wild Card
In the case where multiple people may have a replacement card for a wild card (e.g., when the wild card is in a group), the first person to touch the wild card with their replacement card gets to take it. This will be a point of contention, and is what makes quick reactions required for success.


Calling Mose Before Round Begins
Mose cannot be called until the round has begun. The round officially begins when the first player has picked up the first card. Additionally, the first player cannot call Mose until the first card they pick up is feathered in their hand. This ensures that if the first player is actually dealt a hand on which they can call Mose immediately, other players at least have an instant to discard something (if prepared).
Preying Upon Card Draws
If Mose is called directly after a player picks up a card from the stock or discard pile, the card(s) they just picked up are returned to the pile and are not counted in their score. This is to halt people calling Mose immediately when somebody picks up, to increase their score.
However, if a play is made by another player directly after a player picks up from the stock or discard pile, which in turn allows an alternate player to call Mose, it is deemed legal and the cards are counted in hand.
Playing Cards After Mose Has Been Called
No cards can ever be played or drawn after Mose is called.


False Mose: +50 points
For calling Mose during a round but then realizing you cannot actually discard all your cards legally.
False Play: +10 points (to the initiating player)
For playing onto a run or set with an invalid card, causing another player to continue on your mistake.
If you or someone else catches the error before another player acts on the mistake, no penalty is awarded. In any event, once noticed, the mistake is to be corrected and incorrectly played cards must be taken back by all players who played them.
If the false play leads to an invalid Mose, the player calling the false Mose does NOT take the 50 points — unless it is the same person who initiated the false play.


Mose can be called at any time, even if it is not your turn. When you call Mose you must be able to play down all your remaining cards without drawing any new cards from the table (including the exchange of wild cards). Everything necessary to dispose of all your cards must be in your hand at the time you call Mose.

After Mose has been called, the round ends and all play is stopped. Cards dropped by players after Mose is called must be returned to their hands. At this point you must play down your cards to demonstrate that you can legally dispose of all your cards. All players then tally their score.

If you are dealt a hand where you can dispose of all cards immediately, you may call Mose: